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Fear of performance

Performance is a very relative word. It is related to our own capabilities, and not to others. We need to understand our own strengths and weaknesses. We need to analyze ourselves. Identify the areas we lack in and those we excel in. Some might be good at college paper editing, while some might be good with sciences.


It depends from person to person, and hence it is not right to compare performances without understanding our own capabilities. We should try to maximize on our areas of interests and strengths and try to control our areas of weaknesses. It is easy once we are clear about them. And yes, it is always possible to improve on our weakest subjects because the high school syllabus ensures that it is easy to understand for everyone. Just being nervous about performing in exams will never help. It is how we try to deal with this nervousness before exams is what matters. Every student has different ways of studying and preparing for exams. It is up to us to discover what works best for us, as only we can find what works for us.


We need not fear exams or our performance in exams. Someone has to win and someone has to lose, what matters is if your performance satisfies you.

Erstellt: Mär 11 '17 · Admin: Duff Huges