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The Importance Of Spill Containment Berms At Pollution Sites June 25 Wholesale Real Madrid Jerseys , 2015 | Author: Joanna Walsh | Posted in Education

The papers and television programs seems to be populated these days with stories about toxic spills, negligent dumping of hazardous materials and indifferent authorities. There can be no doubt that the planet is suffering from pollution. Our seas are struggling to maintain the many forms of life it has successfully done for thousands of years. Our rivers are polluted. Without equipment such as spill containment berms the damage can escalate considerably.

Containing the potential damage is, of course, the very first and most urgent priority. This is not the end of the story Wholesale Paris Saint-Germain Jerseys , however. The pollutants need to be neutralized, removed to a safe place and disposed of in a legal manner. This is not easy. Specialized equipment and highly trained cleaning up teams are required and these are not always readily available.

Fortunately, much research are being done on pollution prevention, control and clean up. There are already several artificial agents that can either absorb or neutralize pollutants. However Wholesale Manchester United Jerseys , these agents are extremely expensive and not all pollutants can be neutralized or absorbed. Another problem lies in the fact that the agents are not always readily available when an incident occurs.

The international environmental community has been stunned by the recent development of a new artificial agent that not only absorbs a large number of toxins but that is also able to transform it into a brand new product that is harmless. Best of all, this new product is useful. It can be sold to contractors responsible for preparing road surfaces and it is even used in the manufacturing of whole lot of rubber products.

The cost and necessity for experienced and specially trained personnel to deal with spilled toxins and other pollutants makes it impossible to react to all incidents. This is why the authorities have no choice other than to prioritize. Pollution in highly populated areas, wildlife sanctuaries and places of national interest receive the highest priority. Spillages in remote areas and in rough seas are often simply ignored.

The management of spillages are governed by legislation, but this legislation is Wholesale Manchester City Jerseys , according to many experts, vague and difficult to enforce. Environmental agencies want governments to enact laws that will compel those that cause spillages to carry the cost of cleaning up pollution, to implement responsible policies regarding the handling of dangerous materials and to train and equip teams to deal with emergencies.

The cost of cleaning up spillages is not limited to the cost of the actual cleaning up operation. In many cases, the long term cost is almost incalculable. In some cases the natural environment can take many years to recover. There have been cases of generations of people suffering health problems from an incident that occurred years ago and that caused genetic aberrations resulting in horrible human suffering.

Humans have been neglecting their home planet for many years. Mother Earth cannot cope with the abuse any longer. Humans spill and they do jot care. At the very least Wholesale Liverpool Jerseys , every operator dealing with potentially harmful substances should have equipment that can limit the damage immediately.

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