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Millions of players are in great anticipation wow gold of the release of rage of the Lich King in WOW. One of many features that these players are looking forward to is the new continent of "Northrend". While snowstorm Entertainment is keeping a lot of information about this widely predicted continent under tabs, there has been some info released that players can use to find out more about this continent. In this guide, you'll be exposed to a few of the information that is available per the continent of Northrend in world of warcraft. Northrend is the cold, ominous home to the evil Lich King. The continent is claimed to be extremely icy, and there looks to be dark cloud hanging over the area. This is the area where the Icecrown Citadel is located.

If players want to make any purchase in the game, players have to pay WOW gold. In addition to this, players will need gold to level up players' professions and level up players' character. A player can earn gold by a lot of ways. Gold can be earned by farming, gathering and quests. Players want to be more powerful so they need the crafted items and materials. The best way to make gold is to sell the items. Auction house is the first choice if players want to make more gold.

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The SideWinder X6 features a detachable numeric keypad, which users can slap on either side of the keyboard depending on their needs. In games, users can turn the numeric keypad into a "programmable macro pad" that can remember as many as 90 macros per title. The SideWinder X6 also has little extras like a "Cruise Control" mode (presumably for long World of Warcraft sessions) as well as coloradjustable backlit keys.

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