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jackky bruce Aug 12 '17

As always, Sporting News weekly Field of 68 is known as a projection in the the NCAA Tournament selection committee would do based on whats happened until now there is much surprise.

Note: Automatic bids, mentioned in parenthesis, are shown on the team with the fewest conference lo ses (through Sundays games). In the event of ties, the designation has into the team while using best Pomeroy rating. RPI numbers are from

No. 1 seeds: Syracuse (ACC), Arizona (Pac-12), Wichita State (Mi souri Valley), Florida (SEC)

Syracuse. 23-0, 10-0 ACC. Rankings: RPI 4, Pomeroy 3. A couple weeks ago: 1 seed. Need to know: Syracuse has built up a resume thats strong enough as much as at the very least some lo ses before falling off the best seed lines are feasible. Thats good, because Orange still has to perform road games at Pitt (Wednesday), at Duke including Virginia.

Arizona. 23-1, 10-1 Pac 12. Rankings: RPI 2, Pomeroy 1. This morning: 1 seed. Want to find out: The Wildcats survived a scare from Oregon to their first full game without worrying about injured Brandon Ashley. Fridays road game at rival Arizona State is humongous for ones Sun Devilss at-large hopes, and nece sary for Arizonas shot in the top seed.

Wichita State. 25-0, 12-0 Mi souri Valley. Rankings: RPI 6, Pomeroy 11. A week ago: 1 seed. Wish to know: There is reached takes place, following your Shockers survived tough road environments at Indiana State and Northern Iowa, where anything in addition to an undefeated regular season might be disappointing. Still, a lo s of revenue would placed their proper the top part seed line struggling (because the device could be considered a bad lo s).

Florida. 21-2, 10 Nike Air Force 180 Mid -0 SEC. Rankings: RPI 5, Pomeroy 10. Yesterday: 1 seed. Wish to know: It is Floridas week to demonstrate it needs a No. 1 seed. The Gators play two very talented but inconsistent teams, Tenne see and Kentucky, on the streets.

No. 2 seeds: Kansas (Big 12), Villanova (Big East), Michigan State (Big Ten), North park State (Mountain West)

Kansas. 18-5, 9-1 Big 12. Rankings: RPI 1, Pomeroy 9. Yesterday: 2 seed. Must know: The Jayhawks have built up an impre sive 15 wins against teams while in the RPI best players (ditto with Pomeroy best players). At this time, barring an unforeseen complete collapse, its challenging imagine Kansas falling below a No. 3 seed. Several Ls wouldnt change that.

Villanova. 21-2, 9-1 Big East. Rankings: RPI 3, Pomeroy 8. A while back: 2 seed. Wish to know: Two solid home wins the previous week (Xavier and Seton Hall) set occurs for just a three-game road trip that has contests against Creighton and Providence. Sweep those, and Villanova is very much in the conversation to have a No. 1 seed.

Michigan State. 20-4, 9-2 Big Ten. Rankings: RPI 10, Pomeroy 12. Last week: 2 seed. Adreian Payne made his retreat to the legal court last month, although the Spartans are still mi sing Branden Dawson, and star guard Gary Harris had a really game from the lo s at Wisconsin. Its been a prolonged, reasonable length of time as being the selection committees seen the Spartans at full strength.

San Diego State. 19-1, 10-0 Mountain West. Rankings: RPI 15, Pomeroy 19. A week ago: 2 seed. Are trying to learn: The Aztecs have risen significantly from the human polls, problems to begin with computer numbers have already been largely stagnant moscow and rome several months, mostly electrical power isnt a banner year with the Mountain West. The escape at Boise State was key to dreams of a top-two seed in March.

No. 3 seeds: Duke, Virginia, Cincinnati (AAC), Creighton

Duke. 19-5, 8-3 ACC. Rankings: RPI 8, Pomeroy 2. The other day: 3 seed. Wish to know: Dukes stumble early in ACC play (lo ses at Notre Dame and Clemson teams that arent at-large contenders) keeps nowhere Devils there are various top two seed lines today, but there is scope to swap that (two games vs. UNC, one at-home vs. Syracuse).

Virginia. 19-5, 10-1 ACC. Rankings: RPI 20, Pomeroy 7. A couple weeks ago: 4 seed. Wish to know: The Cavaliers receive an interesting profile. That 10-1 record inside the ACC, consisting of wins at Pitt and Florida State, cant be prevented. But theyre just 3-4 against RPI top 50 teams, which cant be dismi sed, either. That March 1 home game against Syracuse will play a huge roll for their eventual seed.

Cincinnati. 22-3, 11-1 AAC. Rankings: RPI 14, Pomeroy 26. Yesterday: 3 seed. Have to know: The winning streak ended at 15 games that has a lo s at SMU that was actually great to the new conference by and large (SMU virtually secured an at-large bid with this win). The Bearcats still need three huge games for the schedule, home games vs. Louisville and Memphis including UConn.

Creighton. 19-4, 9-2 Big East. Rankings: RPI 13, Pomeroy 4. Yesterday: 3 seed. Need to learn: That lo s to St. Johns was huge to your Johnnies and le s-than-awful for those Bluejays, which are still just a game behind Villanova in your conference race. And, as coincidence might say, Creighton host Villanova on Sunday.

No. 4 seeds: Michigan, Kentucky, Iowa State, Iowa

Michigan. 17-6, 9-2 Big Ten. Rankings: RPI 17, Pomeroy 16. A week ago: 3 seed. Need to find out: The Wolverines you are their last two road games and play Tuesday at Pitt historically a difficult position for Michigan teams. Four of Michigans six lo ses will teams currently in both the RPI or Pomeroy top ten.

Kentucky. 18-5, 8-2 SEC. Rankings: RPI 11, Pomeroy 13. This morning: 5 seed. Wish to know: The self-proclaimed most scrutinized team going to school hoops is riding a much-needed three-game winning streak, using a potential trap game at Auburn preceding Saturdays huge home contest against a full-strength Florida squad.

Iowa State. 18-4, 6-4 Big 12. Rankings: RPI 9, Pomeroy 20. A couple weeks ago: 4 seed. Are trying to learn: Those nonconference wins against Michigan and Iowa look impeccable, dont they? The Cyclones are 6-4 inside the Big 12, but eight of them 10 games were against teams from this weeks Field of 68, and theyre already done with Kansas and Oklahoma.

Iowa. 18-6, 7-4 Big Ten. Rankings: RPI 23, Pomeroy 6. A couple weeks ago: 4 seed. Have to know: The Hawkeyes looked like one last Four contender as impre sive win in your own home against Michigan, Nike Air Max Modern Flyknit but theyre just 2-5 vs. RPI top 25 teams (including that home lo s to Ohio State Tuesday). Thats not the resume of a top two seed.

No. 5 seeds: Wisconsin, St louis (A-10), Pitt, Texas

Wisconsin. 19-5, 6-5 Big Ten. Rankings: RPI 7, Pomeroy 17. A couple weeks ago: 5 seed. Need to find out: That win against Michigan State was Wisconsins first quality win in over a month. And, remember, Wisconsin still has nonconference resume wins against Florida, St louis and Virginia.

Saint Louis. 22-2, 9-0 Atlantic 10. Rankings: RPI 18, Pomeroy 21. Yesterday: 5 seed. Need to learn: Operation prove were as nice as our record took two or three steps forward a while back with wins at Saint Josephs and La Salle, and faces a tremendous test when VCU visits Chaifetz Arena Saturday.

Ohio State. 19-5, 6-5 Big Ten. Rankings: RPI 16, Pomeroy 14. Yesterday evening: 8 seed. Would like to know: The ship offers stabilized in Columbus, and also that road win at Iowa brings the po sibility of an extensive seed on play. Tuesdays home game against Michigan represents an immense opportunity.

Texas. 18-5, 7-3 Big 12. Rankings: RPI 27, Pomeroy 38. A couple weeks ago: 4 seed. Must know: The Longhorns didnt look particularly competitive at Kansas State Saturday. Theyll need better showings in road games at Iowa State, Kansas and Oklahoma, three brutal games still on the regular-season schedule.

No. 6 seeds: Oklahoma, Memphis, Louisville, UCLA

Oklahoma. 18-6, 7-4 Big 12. Rankings: RPI 22, Pomeroy 34. A while back: 5 seed. Wish to know: The Sooners didnt do much within the nonconference perhaps the schedule (best win is either Seton Hall or Mercer), so Saturdays game at Oklahoma State with Marcus Smart-le s Cowboys is a big opportunity.

Memphis. 18-5, 7-3 AAC. Rankings: RPI 28, Pomeroy 30. A couple weeks ago: 7 seed. Need to know: The Tigers performed a striking comeback from a rare, but important, nonconference February contest. That win against Gonzaga was just their third against an organization from the RPI top 50.

Louisville. 19-4, 8-2 AAC. Rankings: RPI 33, Pomeroy 5. The previous week: 7 seed. Want to know: While i highlight regular, the Cardinals get a shiny record but little substance. Each year in this manner Louisville has played 23 games this year, and 16 are against teams ranked 140th or worse inside Pomeroy ratings. In those seven games against teams in your top 140, the Cardinals tend to be simply 3-4. Thats nintendo wii look.

UCLA. 18-5, 7-3 Pac-12. Rankings: RPI 19, Pomeroy 18. A week ago: 8 seed. Want to know: UCLAs computer numbers are solid, though the Bruins dont have anything in terms of an accurate quality nonconference win. The record says top four seed yet the resume doesnt reflect that yet. Still opportunities, though.

No. 7 seeds: Pittsburgh, Connecticut, New york, Ma sachusetts

Pittsburgh. 20-4, 8-3 ACC. Rankings: RPI 26, Pomeroy 15. Last month: 6 seed. Would like to know: The Panthers will have to hope selection committee members werent watching that ugly double-OT win inside your home against Virginia Tech. That wasnt a superb look. Wednesdays game in your house against Syracuse is perhaps all categories of huge for Pitt.

Connecticut. 18-5, 6-4 AAC. Rankings: RPI 30, Pomeroy 24. The other day: 6 seed. Would like to know: The Huskies have four games to" alt="Kobe 11 Elite Low" hyper="" grape""="" title="Kobe 11 Elite Low">Kobe 11 Elite Low"Hyper Grape"

the schedule that would ultimately determine their seed, starting Saturday at your home against Memphis. Next: in the house vs. SMU and Cincinnati as well as at Louisville within the regular-season finale.

North Carolina. 16-7, 6-4 ACC. Rankings: RPI 38, Pomeroy 27. This morning: 9 seed. Must know: The Tar Heels winning streak is at five games, heading suitable home showdown Wednesday against Duke (weather permitting). Similarly to Pitt, the ship seems steadied.

Ma sachusetts. 19-4, 6-3 Atlantic 10. Rankings: RPI 12, Pomeroy 39. Last month: 7 seed. Have to know: After an unsightly skid (three lo ses in four game), the Minutemen won some of A-10 contests yesterday. They have got 10 nonconference wins against teams through the RPI top players, though theres nothing resembling a marquee win.

No. 8 seeds: George Washington, VCU, SMU, Gonzaga (WCC)

George Washington. 19-4, 7-2 Atlantic 10. Rankings: RPI 32, Pomeroy 37. A week ago: 9 seed. Need to learn: Your next four games are huge to the Colonials: at VCU, vs. UMa s, at Richmond, at Saint Louis.

VCU. 19-5, 7-2 Atlantic 10. Rankings: RPI 29, Pomeroy 29. A couple weeks ago: 6 seed. Want to know: The Rams lost at Saint Josephs Saturday, further muddling their NCAA Tournament resume. Winning at Saint Louis last week can be described as tough task, but would greatly a sist toward locking up VCUs i'm all over this Selection Sunday.

SMU. 19-5, 8-3 AAC. Rankings: RPI 39, Pomeroy 22. Yesterday: 10 seed. Need to find out: Undecided any team was built with a more e sential win Saturday than SMU did against Cincinnati. Looking for middling nonconference slate, the Mustangs need quality wins individuals one.

Gonzaga. 20-3, 11-1 West Coast. Rankings: RPI 21, Pomeroy 28. Yesterday evening: 8 seed. Must know: That groan you heard away from Pacific Northwest Saturday night originated in Spokane. The lo s at Memphis mostly effectively ruined any potential for the Zags landing a seed relating to the good side for the dreaded 8/9 game.

No. 9 seeds: Oklahoma State, Boise state broncos, Colorado, Kansas State

Oklahoma State. 16-7, 4-6 Big 12. Rankings: RPI 35, Pomeroy 25. Last week: 6 seed. Need to find out: The important points isnt pretty for the Cowboys theyve lost four consecutively and are generally without suspended point guard Marcus Smart for three really tough games. Its very po sible expect theyll lose the three, which will set them up at 16-10 overall and 4-9 in the Big 12. Which will use them on an inappropriate side on the bubble.

New Mexico. 18-4, 9-1 Mountain West. Rankings: RPI 24, Pomeroy 48. A while back: 9 seed. Must know: Now, it is like the Lobos are typically treading Mountain West water until their two games against San Diego State (Feb. 28 and March 8). Wednesday at Boise State can be a dangerous contest, though.

Colorado. 18-6, 7-4 Pac-12. Rankings: RPI 25, Pomeroy 58. The other day: 9 seed. Want to know: The Buffaloes have won three consecutive games, their first winning streak of any kind since Spencer Dinwiddies injury. Thats pretty important.

Kansas State. 16-7, 6-4 Big 12. Rankings: Nike Zoom Kobe 8 RPI 37, Pomeroy 36. Yesterday: 10 seed. Need to find out: K-State is 5-0 in the home in Big 12 play and then dominating win against Texas Saturday, by using a huge game inside your home against Kansas tonight.

No. 10 seeds: Xavier, Stanford, California, Minnesota

Xavier. 16-7, 6-4 Big East. Rankings: RPI 36, Pomeroy 42. Yesterday evening: 8 seed. Have to find out: The Musketeers snapped a three-game losing skid having a ma sively important home win against Providence Saturday.

Stanford. 15-7, 6-4 Pac-12. Rankings: RPI 44, Pomeroy 35. A week ago: 12. Want to find out: Stanford has won two games consecutively, against Arizona State and California, and po se ses the opportunity to push that run to five games before UCLA visits on Feb. 22.

California. 15-8, 6-4 Pac-12. Rankings: RPI 51, Pomeroy 45. A couple weeks ago: 7 seed. Must know: I wish you all recognizing the Golden Bears. Theyve lost four with their past five games, but that lone win was against top-ranked and undefeated Arizona. Sheesh.

Minnesota. 16-8, 5-6 Big Ten. Rankings: RPI 41, Pomeroy 41. This morning: 10 seed. Want to find out: The Golden Gophers lost three consecutive games to Big Nike Air Huarache Women Ten teams that wont make your at-large cut. Thats a disastrous stretch in the crazy-difficult conference.

No. 11 seeds: Arizona State, Providence, Tenne see, Southern Mi s (C-USA)

Arizona State. 18-6, 7-4 Pac 12. Rankings: RPI 40, Pomeroy 33. Last week: Within the bubble. Must know: The Sun Devils didnt do much in the nonconference a part of the schedule (best win is Marquette), but theyve played well with the Pac-12, including an overtime road win at California.

Providence. 16-8, 6-5 Big East. Rankings: RPI 50, Pomeroy 52. Last month: 10. Have to know: The Friars have two succe sively and three of four. Their resume is a good example, but not good enough to survive a lengthier skid. Mondays game at Georgetown is large.

Tenne see. 15-8, 6-4 SEC. Rankings: RPI 47, Pomeroy 23. A couple weeks ago: 12 seed. Have to find out: The Volunteers lost at Vanderbilt and beat Sc, a split that creates yesterday in your house vs. Florida po sibly at Mi souri particularly significant.

No. 12 seeds: Oregon, Georgetown, Florida State, Mi souri, Harvard (Ivy), Green Bay (Horizon)

Oregon. 15-8, 3-8 Pac 12. Rankings: RPI 32, Pomeroy 42. This morning: 11 seed. Must know: The Ducks played exceptionally well the previous week, but dropped a set of two-point games at Arizona and Arizona State. Theyre now just 3-8 with the Pac-12, though theyve lost five these games by four points or fewer.

Georgetown. 14-9, 5-6 Big East. Rankings: RPI 57, Pomeroy 53. This morning: About the bubble. Have to find out: The Hoyas get some damaging lo ses for the resume, but its a weak bubble, and they already owned wins against at-large teams VCU and Kansas State before knocking off Michigan State Feb. 1. 1 bubble team know that.

Florida State. 14-9, 5-6 ACC. Rankings: RPI 54, Pomeroy 31. Yesterday: 11 seed. Need to find out: The sky is falling five lo ses of their past seven games even so the Seminoles still own non-con wins against VCU and Ma sachusetts. Of at least one other week, that (put together with a reliable SOS of 37) will do for any spot during the field.

Mi souri. 16-7, 4-6 SEC. Rankings: RPI 49, Pomeroy 46. Yesterday: 12 seed. Have to find out: The Tigers Pomeroy rating has actually risen (from 53 to 46) during this three-game skid. They pretty much must win these next three games at your house (Arkansas, Tenne see, Vanderbilt) to have their at-large hope alive.

No. 13 seeds: Toledo (MAC), North Dakota State (Summit), Belmont (Ohio Valley), UC Santa Barbara (Big West)

No. 14 seeds: Utah Valley (WAC), Delaware (Colonial), Iona (MAAC), Stephen F. Austin (Southland)

No. 15 seeds: Vermont (America East), American (Patriot), Robert Morris (Northeast), Davidson (Southern)

No. 16 seeds: North Carolina Central (MEAC), Georgia State (Sun Belt), Weber State (Big Sky), VMI (Big South), Mercer (Atlantic Sun), Southern (Southwestern)

New yesterday: Arizona State, Belmont, Georgetown, North Dakota State, VMI

Dropped out: Baylor, Coastal Carolina, IPFW, LSU, Murray State

Bubble boys (in alphabetical order): Arkansas, Baylor, BYU, Clemson, Dayton, Indiana, Louisiana Tech, LSU, Ole Mi s, St. Johns, Saint Josephs, Saint Marys, Utah, West Virginia